Gestational Surrogates

It is a privilege to give the gift of life through Surrogacy – to enable a couple or an individual, unable to have a child to achieve their dream of building a family.  To be eligible to become a gestational surrogate, you must have had a positive pregnancy and birth and prove to be both emotionally and physically healthy.

Being a gestational surrogate is a responsibility.  It is an investment of your time that demands dedication and commitment, yet delivers everlasting emotional rewards.

Requirements to Become a Gestational Surrogate:

To become a surrogate, you must be a woman who

  •       Has given birth to at least one (1) child
  •       Is between the ages of 21 – 40
  •       Is of normal range for height and weight (BMI 30 and under)
  •       Is a non-smoker and does not use drugs
  •       Is willing to comply with a complete background check
  •       Has an active friend/family support system
  •       Is dedicated and committed to the process of surrogacy
  •       Must reside within the United States

Compensation for Being a Gestational Surrogate

The base range of compensation for surrogates is $35,000 to $45,000+, depending upon experience and location. With additional compensation provided for allowance, health and life insurance, medical procedures, travel, etc., the total compensation for the entire surrogacy can range from $45,000-60,000+.

Application Process for Surrogates



Potential surrogates will first be asked to complete a detailed online application questionnaire.  Pending preliminary approval, an Abundant Beginnings staffer will conduct a phone interview.  If the candidate is considered to be acceptable for surrogacy, Abundant Beginnings will proceed with a background check.  Both the surrogate and spouse/partner (if applicable) will be required to submit to background screening.

If the background check is satisfactory, the surrogate will be evaluated psychologically either in person or via phone.  This is performed by a licensed therapist and must include the potential surrogate and her spouse/partner (if applicable). The purpose of the psychological evaluation is to ascertain the strength of the potential surrogate’s commitment, stability, dedication to the process and the level of familial support.

Once the surrogate has successfully undergone the background check and psychological evaluation and has completed the necessary paperwork, she will be matched with intended parents.

Matching Process

The surrogate’s profile/questionnaire will be presented to potential intended parents.  Once selected, the Surrogacy agency arranges a Skype or conference call connecting all parties: the surrogate, the intended parents, and a representative from Abundant Beginnings.

Medical Screening

Medical evaluation of the surrogate is performed by the fertility specialist selected by the intended parents.  Pending results, which generally take ten days, the surrogate is approved, assuming no issues have arisen from the screening.

Legal Contract

The surrogate will be provided with a list of potential family formation attorneys for representation.  The attorney will explain and finalize the legal agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate.

Embryo Transfer

Leading up to the embryo transfer, the surrogate will be on medications for approximately three weeks. Embryo transfer occurs at the office of the reproductive endocrinologist of the intended parents.  The surrogate must be on bed rest for 24 – 48 hours following the transfer.  Confirmation of the pregnancy occurs approximately ten days after the transfer.  If pregnancy is achieved, the surrogate remains on medication for twelve weeks.


The surrogate will receive continual support from Abundant Beginnings throughout the surrogacy process.  The Abundant Beginnings staff, along with many experienced surrogates, are available to speak with you to address any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a surrogate for Abundant Beginnings.