selfHello! My name is Becca. I am 32 years old and live in Mankato, Minnesota with my husband, Dave, and our two kids, Charlie (age 3 ½) and Gretchen (age 6 months). I feel so blessed to be a mom and my kids are two of the best things to ever happen to me, even if they do exhaust me sometimes! I love seeing the world through their eyes and watching them grow into the little people with their own personalities.I became interested in surrogacy after I watched a friend through her journey as a surrogate. I knew that when my family was complete, one of my greatest desires was to help another family feel the overwhelming joy of becoming parents. Miscarriage or struggles in getting pregnant are devastating, and I would love to be a light of hope and joy for a family who has experienced that pain.

Both of my pregnancies were free of complications and, strange as it sounds, I enjoyed labor and delivery. My doctor said after Gretchen’s birth that I was a “pro” at pushing and a joy to deliver. When I asked my doctor about becoming a surrogate, he told me that he absolutely supported me and “you’re made for this.” Now that my own family is complete, I would love to experience pregnancy, labor and childbirth again for another family.

Regarding my work outside of our home, I am a staff attorney for a judge which means that I do all of the judge’s research, write his judicial opinions and advise him on how to rule on different issues. I love my job – I get to spend all day doing research, writing and using my brain. It fits my personality perfectly. I also teach a parent birth education class and car seat safety class for my local clinic once a week. Pregnancy, child birth, and babies are my passion, and speaking with expecting parents brings me such joy.

I am a very down-to-earth person and like all things that are stereotypical “Minnesotan.” I enjoy watching hockey, camping, going out on our boat to fish, and, yes, even the snow. I also love reading and can often be found at midnight trying to keep my eyes open to get in just one more chapter. Someday my husband and I hope to build a home on a lake in northern Minnesota and spend our days fishing, reading, and being outdoors.

Family is very important to me, and I am blessed with an amazingly close and encouraging one! My husband is supportive of my decision to become a surrogate and is willing to do whatever is necessary to help me achieve this dream. We are very close with our parents, and all of them are excited to help with my surrogacy journey in whatever way they can. My kids are still a little too young to understand completely, but I have no doubt that when the time comes Charlie will be able to understand that mommy is growing a baby for another family.

I am so excited to get matched with intended parents and get started in making their dream come true!

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