Surrogate Spotlight – Jennifer from CO

Jennifers Bump

I’m now 8 glorious months into this pregnancy and have found myself to be super lucky to have such an amazing support system. My friends and family have been very positive about everything I’ve been through.  When we told our 5 year old this baby wasn’t ours, he cried for about a minute until I explained to him that I was helping another mommy and daddy who weren’t able to have a baby. He looked at his dad and I and just said, “oh, okay!” Now that he understands that, if he’s around when someone asks us about the baby he’ll respond with, “this baby belongs in another family. He’s not ours.” It is so great to see he fully understands.

So far this has been a great pregnancy — a “boring” pregnancy as some OBs like to call it. I had a pretty big subchorionic hematoma (“sch”) in the beginning but hearing from so many of my surrogate sisters how common they are, I wasn’t so concerned and luckily it was resolved fairly quickly.

My husband Anthony has been extra supportive throughout this journey. He’s been by my side every step, every shot, every hormonal surge. Anytime I developed a knot from the progesterone shot he worked hard to rub it out. Every time I NEEDED Dairy Queen ice cream, he ran out to get it. He even surprised me by bringing 2 flavors of Blizzard in case I couldn’t decide. I am so thankful for him and all the support he has given me!

It has been wonderful carrying a precious baby for someone I hardly knew at first! I created a special bond with my IPs and they always tell me “thank you!” I also thank them for putting so much trust in me and my body. This has been an amazing gift for me as well! I think about this baby often and how lucky he is to have such wonderful parents.

People often ask the normal question, how can you carry and grow a baby then just let it go? For me, the answer is simple: I am excited for them to have a baby!  I am a part of the love and science to help them, and can hardly wait to see my IPs hold and snuggle their child that they dreamt of for a long time.

I already talk about wanting to be a surrogate again so I could help another family. To know what some families have to go thru to be called mommy and daddy is heartbreaking, and if I can help another family, then I will. I imagine myself like Oprah’s favorite things. “You get a baby.”



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