Keidra, Smiths Station, Alabama


Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

My name is Keidra, and I am the lucky mother to 5 little girls :)! My husband and I  have been married for 9 years.  He is an amazing and supportive husband and father, and we are truly blessed. In my free time, I am a freelance Makeup Artist around my town.  I have been doing makeup for about 5 years and enjoy it so much! I also love doing crafts and am constantly on Pinterest trying to find new things to do for my girls. Sports are another passion of mine, especially football and basketball. I love to read… there isn’t anything better than getting lost in a good book.
Tell us about your family traditions:
I love that I have a huge family — I couldn’t imagine my life without them. On Fridays, we have family movie night. Each girl gets to pick out their favorite movie and we watch it together.  We love going to our local river walk and playing on the rocks and watching everyone out on the river. Saturday morning is our favorite day! We all cook a big breakfast and watch cartoons. This reminds me of my own childhood.

How did you become interested in surrogacy?

I love being pregnant and became interested in surrogacy after we had our youngest daughter. My husband and I  made the decision that our family was complete, and I thought all of my pregnancies were so easy breezy, and being a mom is the most important thing in the world to me, so why not help someone else start or complete their family? I shared my interest in surrogacy with my community, and I received so much positivity and support from my friends and family. If anyone would ask me to be a surrogate, I wouldn’t think twice, I would say YES!

What do you most look forward to in your journey?

I look forward to creating a bond with my future IPs and to being pregnant again!  I want to share this experience with my IPs and help them feel involved in the whole pregnancy.

What would you like to tell potential IPs?
I would like to tell them this: I understand that you are placing a significant amount of trust in me, and I will not take that lightly. I look forward to starting our journey together.

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