Stephanie – Lakeview, Oregon


Hi my name is Stephanie. I have lived in Oregon my entire life. I was born in Bend, Oregon in 1986. I have older sister, Carly. I grew up in small town just outside Eugene, Oregon. Growing up I enjoyed playing sports and staying active. I am very competitive and enjoy a good challenge. When I was 21 I moved out of my hometown to Lakeview, Oregon. I began my career as a Correctional Officer for the State of Oregon at a minimum security prison out of Lakeview.  In 2013 I married my husband, Chris who had 3 children from previous relationships. I was 26 and now a step mother to 3 children! I was excited and embraced the role. I enjoyed taking them to their wrestling meets and track meets. In the following April 2014 we welcomed my son into the world. He was a healthy little guy and showed up exactly on his due date. For the last 3 years we have made a lot of memories in our home here in Lakeview. Today my step daughter, Jaylynn is Junior in High school, my step son Kole is a 7th grader and Carson is 3, and is getting into everything. My other stepson, Krue, lives full time with his mother in Klamath Falls. He visits every month and during the summer. Together we enjoy spending our time as a family going to movies, adventuring in the nearby woods, going to the park, working on our home and enjoying big dinners.

I became interested in becoming a surrogate because my husband and I decided to not have any more children. With that, I would like to give the gift of parenthood to a responsible financially stable couple that wants to take that journey. When I became a step parent it was natural for me, but when I became a mother tit was a different feeling entirely. The sense of fulfillment is indescribable. I am so filled love and joy at times it overwhelming. I want to give that someone.

I became familiar with Abundant Beginnings through a friend who knew I was interested in becoming a surrogate. I felt that with Abundant Beginnings™ they spend the time and really get to know their potential surrogates. With other surrogacy programs it felt like you were just another number.  

I hope to be matched with a couple that loves each other and is ready for the gift of parenthood. It’s exhausting at times but at the end of the day is so rewarding and fulfilling. I cant wait to meet you and start this journey together!!!


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