“My partner and I are thankful for having met great professionals in our journey, women who cared for us and understood the moments we were experiencing. ”

-Dads (Spain)


“Thank you all for your loving support, we are so excited to grow our family and go on this journey again with all of you!”

-Mom and Dad (Florida)

“I really enjoyed meeting with you both and feel very comfortable working with such wonderful women!”


“I just have to say that your agency is one of a kind. So genuine, and so different than our last experience.”

-(Bay Area)

“Thank you very much for you constant understanding and support! My husband and I always feel we can’t do this without wonderful people just like you!”


“Even though we haven’t met in person, I’m really impressed with your kindness and professionalism , so I really hope we end up going through this journey with you. We haven’t talked with many agencies but I can feel the connection here!”

-(Palo Alto, CA)

“I can’t tell you enough how happy my partner and I felt after talking to you. You made the whole process feel approachable and closer to achievement. We cannot stop smiling thinking about ‘tomorrow’.”

-Dads (France)


My story used to be about my unsuccessful struggles to have a baby. I would wonder when would it be my turn to kiss my baby’s cute little nose, rock him or her to sleep, or just snuggle together.

My attempts to carry a child myself were futile and came to an end. I turned to surrogacy, which proved to be the beginning – the starting point to make my dream come true.

The frustration and anguish of infertility are real. Knowing that there are options can ease the pain. Whether you are a women who has struggled with infertility for years or you are in a same sex relationship and need a surrogate, Abundant Beginnings can help.

Once you hold your baby in your arms, your infertility struggles will be a thing of the past. As co-owner of Abundant Beginnings, I am honored to share my journey with you – how I brought my children into this world via two amazing surrogates.

Let Abundant Beginnings guide you and enable you to approach the future with hope.



“It was nice to talk with my new IPs and Julie and have both of our questions answered. I can just feel their energy and their excitement to start a family and it almost brings tears to my eyes knowing that this is something they really desire, and I possibly have the chance to help that desire be fulfilled!! One things for sure, those babies will be LOVED! They seem like they would make awesome parents! I expressed my readiness and commitment to them during our one on one… and I would love to continue with them if they are on board!! Thank you for checking in and for matching me with such an amazing couple.”

-Gestational Surrogate (Sacramento)

“Such good experience…I would love to do this more than once! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity!”

-Gestational Surrogate (North California)

“Thank you so much! This has been such a great experience. You guys have been great to work with, and I appreciate all you have done. You are all special people for what you do. I would like to add that being a surrogate was one of the greatest things I have done in my life. I am aware it is not for everyone, and it also takes a strong mind set to do it. If it wasn’t for all of you, I would have never been connected with my IPs, who are an amazing couple. They were in contact with me every step of the way. Being able to help them complete their dream of growing their family with a beautiful baby girl is an indescribable feeling. A feeling that will stay with me forever.”

-Gestational Surrogate (Fresno, CA)

“Thank you with all of my heart for providing so much support through my journey! I am so impressed at your dedication to me during the whole process, from the minute I applied, to well after the birth! I highly recommend Abundant Beginnings and love to share about my experience!”

-Gestational Surrogate (Colorado)