What makes Abundant Beginnings™ Surrogacy unique

We are a full service surrogacy agency providing individualized, compassionate care for couples and singles looking to explore surrogacy as an option in their fertility journey.  We begin by educating and sharing our years of experience regarding the process with each client.  As we get to know each person/couple’s unique needs, we assist in matching them with a highly qualified and vetted surrogate to assist them in the next steps.

Throughout the matching process and the pregnancy, we pay attention to our clients’ needs with our caring, compassionate staff.  Over the years, we have formed excellent partnerships with experienced and dedicated professionals in the field, and we share these resources with our clients knowing that they will be in good hands.

Serving all families

We work with all family types regardless of sexual orientation and relationship status.  We have experience with – and honor – each unique process, as do the surrogates we select to be a part of our Abundant Beginnings family. You will feel safe and cared for each step of the way.  Our network of fertility clinics holds our same high standards, and our legal team ensures that your parental rights are protected and secured.


Each surrogacy relationship is as unique, and we have the processes and resources in place to help couples and individuals create families no matter where they live.  We spend time educating surrogates on the communication styles and procedures required to work with international couples, and they love the specialness of helping to create families and build bonds across cultures.  Our professional resources are intimately familiar with family formation as it applies to international couples.

With years of experience, and a true love for this multi-cultural world of surrogacy, we confidently welcome all to the Abundant Beginnings family.

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Gestational Surrogates

It is a privilege to give the gift of life – to enable a couple to have a child and achieve their dream of building a family. Being a gestational surrogate is a responsibility. It is an investment of your time that demands dedication and commitment, yet delivers everlasting emotional rewards.

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Intended Parents

Abundant Beginnings™ provides a surrogacy program that is discreet, highly specialized and efficient for both surrogates and intended parents. Our staff understands and appreciates the desire you have to create or extend your family.

Our unique approach and range of services offer clients options for surrogacy that can be more affordable, yet still of the highest quality.

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