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Becoming a Surrogate in New York

Abundant Beginnings Company have gone through the extensive licensing process in New York state and were approved in June 2022.  We are proud to work with clients and surrogates in New York and to bring our years of expertise to those seeking to do surrogacy in the state.

Surrogacy provides an incredible opportunity for intended parents and surrogates alike. With the passing of New York’s Child-Parent Security Act in 2020, compensated gestational surrogacy is now legally protected for all parties involved. This landmark law opens new possibilities for people to grow their families.

Surrogacy benefits those who are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves, whether due to infertility, health conditions, or LGBTQ couples looking to have a biological child. The surrogate journey is rewarding and deeply fulfilling for the women who choose to become surrogates.

If you feel a calling to move forward, contact us today. Our mission is supporting and empowering women on this life-changing journey. Take the first step to see if surrogacy is right for you!

Abundant Beginnings Company has over 16+ years of personal and professional experience guiding intended parents and surrogates through the process smoothly and securely.

Why Be A Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate involves significant commitment but brings the reward of helping create new families for intended parents.

What To Know about becoming a surrogate in New York

Deciding to become a surrogate is a big step that requires learning about the process, laws, requirements, and what you can expect along the journey. Here is an overview of key information for those considering surrogacy in New York:

The Surrogacy Process

The typical surrogacy process spans about 15-18 months from matching to delivery. The major steps include:

  • Application & Screening – Surrogates complete health/background screening. Agencies review applications and accept qualified candidates.
  • Matching – The agency matches surrogates with intended parents based on profiles, preferences, and location. At Abundant Beginnings, we give the surrogates the choice of who they want to help on their journey.
  • IVF & Pregnancy – Surrogates undergo IVF, embryo transfer, and doctor visits throughout pregnancy. It’s important to note that under NY law, traditional surrogacy using the surrogate’s own eggs is expressly prohibited.
  • Delivery & Post-Birth – Surrogates deliver the baby and complete post-delivery legal work. (Julie’s note: this is weird statement. Also, should add that for NY, Agency should provide a Surrogate’s Bill of Rights Document, $750,000 life insurance, health insurance policy that stays active for 1 year post birth)

At ABC Surrogacy, our team provides guidance and support at every milestone along the way.

While we have discussed some useful information regarding the qualifications, the best way to learn more about surrogacy is to give us a call at (323) 207-5762 with no commitment required. We are here to answer all your questions.

 Compensation and Costs for Surrogates in New York

In New York, first-time surrogates typically earn $50,000-65,000 in base pay, with additional compensation for expenses, transfers, multiples, etc. Total compensation often reaches $80,000+.

Intended parents cover medical costs, life insurance, legal fees, and other necessities to ensure surrogates’ expenses are cared for. There are no upfront costs for surrogates.

Key New York Surrogacy Laws

New York recently passed the Child-Parent Security Act, which expressly permits and regulates gestational surrogacy agreements in the state. This new law creates a legal framework to protect all parties involved.

Some key components of the new NY surrogacy law:

Surrogates must be 21-45 years old and have previously carried a pregnancy to term. This ensures informed consent and demonstrates ability.

Intended parents must undergo screening to confirm readiness for parenthood.

Legal representation is required for surrogates and intended parents. This ensures full understanding.

Surrogacy agreements must meet certain requirements on rights, responsibilities, and healthcare coverage.

Courts can issue pre-birth orders declaring intended parents as the legal parents.

Upon birth, intended parents assume full legal parental rights and duties.

Reasonable compensation for medical and other expenses is allowed.

Courts oversee disputes and enforce compliant agreements.

The new statute provides clarity and protections around surrogacy in NY. Our team will ensure you understand the legal process and requirements at each step.

Requirements and Comprehensive Screening


To become an approved surrogate in New York, you must meet health and background requirements set by our agency and the state:

  • Be between 21-45 years old, the mandated age range for NY surrogates.
  • Have previously carried at least one pregnancy to term in a healthy manner, to demonstrate ability.
  • Maintain a healthy pre-pregnancy BMI below 32, within the target range.
  • Be a non-smoker and substance-free for optimal fetal health.
  • Have a stable support system at home to help you through the process.
  • Be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident residing in NY.
  • Pass criminal background checks and psychological evaluations.

This comprehensive vetting process ensures only qualified candidates who meet the highest standards become approved surrogates.


Building Connections Through Matching


Once you are accepted into the program, our team will get to work finding the right intended parent match for you. Matching is based on your respective locations, personalities, family plans, communication styles, and preferences.

We start by having you fill out a detailed profile and preference checklist. Some key criteria we consider are:

  • Your desired relationship and communication level with the intended parents
  • Whether you prefer to work with a couple or single intended parent
  • Your views on topics like termination and multiples
  • Geographic distance to intended parents

The matching process involves an introduction, profile review, and video chat so you can get acquainted before deciding to progress. You have full choice in determining if it is a good fit.


Compensation and Ongoing Benefits


In New York, first-time surrogates typically earn $50,000-$65,000 in base pay, plus:

  • Additional compensation per transfer, for multiples, etc.
  • Reimbursement for medical copays, travel, maternity clothes, and other costs
  • Extensive health insurance covered by the intended parents
  • A life insurance policy safeguarding your family
  • Free legal counsel for contract review

Total compensation packages often reach $80,000+ for experienced NY surrogates. Our team ensures you understand each component.


You Receive Individualized Support Every Step of the Way


Our caring team provides personalized support before, during, and after your surrogate journey:

  • 1-on-1 guidance from therapists with surrogacy experience
  • Close coordination with your designated case manager
  • Private online support groups to connect with fellow surrogates
  • Post-birth counseling and transition assistance

We are here to make your surrogacy experience as smooth, safe, and rewarding as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

Embracing the Surrogate Journey

Deciding to become a surrogate is a big step that requires careful thought, research, and understanding the process. New York provides a supportive environment for surrogacy with laws protecting all parties involved.

While the specifics may seem complicated at first, our caring team is here to guide you every step of the way. We view surrogacy as much more than a process – it is about building connections and bringing new lives into families who are longing for that chance.

If you have ever considered being a surrogate, know that you have the power to profoundly impact others’ lives. Although not everyone is suited for this path, for the generous women who become surrogates, it is often one of the most meaningful decisions they make.

Becoming a surrogate allows you to make dreams come true. If you feel called to help others create families, take the first step, and contact us today. This decision could change lives.

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