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Becoming a Surrogate in Colorado

If you have ever considered becoming a surrogate mother, Colorado provides a supportive legal environment to do so safely through licensed agencies like Abundant Beginnings Company. Surrogacy is a deeply meaningful way to help intended parents fulfill their dream of having a child when pregnancy is not possible for them.

Here we will outline the key information you need to know about becoming a surrogate in Colorado, including requirements you must meet, and steps in the process, so you can make an informed decision. With the right information, you can understand the pathway to becoming a surrogate in Colorado in a secure, legally validated way.

Why Be A Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate involves significant commitment but brings the reward of helping create new families for intended parents.

Requirements to Become a Surrogate in Colorado

Becoming a surrogate in Colorado involves meeting strict eligibility criteria to ensure suitability and informed consent. The main requirements include:


  • Surrogates must be at least 21 years old, previously given birth, and pass medical and psychological assessments.
  • Screening ensures surrogates are medically and mentally suited for pregnancy and delivery without material risks.
  • Background checks and legal consultation provide further protections and informed consent.

 Compensation and Costs for Surrogates in Colorado

Surrogates in Colorado can receive reasonable compensation.

This includes payment for expenses related to the surrogacy.

Typical base compensation ranges for first-time surrogates from $60,000-$65,000.

Additional compensation on top of the base fee includes monthly allowance, medical procedures, health insurance, maternity clothes, travel, and other misc. expenses. Total approximately $85,000+/-.

For an experienced surrogate doing a second or third journey, compensation packages often exceed $90,000 when including the base pay, bonus, and expense reimbursements.

Payments are made in installments over the course of the pregnancy and post-birth period as specified in the surrogacy contract.

The surrogate does not pay any out-of-pocket costs.

Intended parents are required to maintain a health insurance policy that covers all medical costs related to prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care for the surrogate.

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