Abundant Beginnings Co, Los Angeles Surrogacy agency, affords its clients both the expertise of two women who have a combined eight years of both professional and personal experience in all phases of surrogacy and a unique concept of surrogacy options.

Our hands-on approach encourages open and steady communication between intended parent and surrogates as facilitated by an attentive case manager.

Julie Allgood


Julie AllgoodJulie began her career as an educator in suburban Chicago. Her broad background included production positions which allowed her to use her strong organizational and creative skills in the Corporate Communications industry.  Her production experience, combined with her teaching skills and love of children led her to produce a successful video, Sing it Again!, a “Learn With Music Video” that combined music and movement for the young child. This video enjoyed a wide release, particularly to many libraries and classrooms across the country.

Julie holds an MA in psychology, which has helped her to build strong communication skills, and a unique insight into people and their needs.  She listens carefully as much for what is not said, as to what is said.  She is also a trained mediator, continually developing skills including communication, active listening and the negotiation process. Julie’s leadership has been called upon to head up numerous fundraising and improvement projects with her children’s schools.

Her gentle, caring approach to clients and surrogates make her a strong, yet safe touchstone in the sometimes challenging and confusing process of surrogacy.  In particular, it is a priority for her to help prepare clients  – on all levels – for the sometimes unpredictable journey of surrogacy.  Now Julie brings her unique blend of skills to Abundant Beginnings – guiding and managing surrogacy cases for clients all over the world.

Nicole Lawson


Nicole Lawson

In her early 30s, after suffering through several in vitro fertilization attempts, each sadly ending with a miscarriage and undergoing numerous uterine surgeries, Nicole and her husband chose surrogacy as their route to parenthood. Now a mother to a daughter, born in early 2010 and another born in 2013, Nicole is a compassionate companion to those embarking upon the surrogacy journey. Her knowledge and understanding of the surrogacy process make her a reliable resource for both intended parents and surrogates.

After more than ten years working in the entertainment industry, Nicole chose to change careers to pursue her passion to help others navigate the path to parenthood via surrogacy in 2010. Nicole has a gift of explaining sometimes complex concepts and processes in simple, and easy-to-understand language. Nicole loves that she gets to work in a field that she is so passionate about, and guide those pursuing surrogacy.

Nicole and her husband were prospective intended parents looking for a happy ending to their years of anguish, frustration, and tears.  Given her history with surrogacy, Nicole brings personal experience, knowledge, and understanding to those who are considering this amazing experience.  Nicole is also the Co-Founder of the Baby Question Foundation, which is a non-profit dedicated to those struggling with the high-cost of fertility treatments.

Jenny Jones

Case Manager

Jenny JonesJenny Jones loves to help build families through surrogacy. She has been instrumental in recruiting surrogates and supporting families at Abundant Beginnings since we opened our doors, and also through another leading agency prior to that. Jenny works closely with surrogates and intended parents, supporting them from the beginning stages of the surrogacy process, to attending doctor appointments along the way, and guiding everyone through the birth process. Jenny thoroughly enjoys getting to know each person involved, and helping them to create relationships that work.

“I am so blessed to have two healthy children of my own, and I feel honored to be able to support others in their dream of having a child.”

Stacie Adler

Case Manager

Stacie AdlerStacie began her career with a Bachelors degree in Health Education with an emphasis on Family Planning. Through working for more than 15 years in Women’s Healthcare, she has developed an understanding and sensitivity to the unique needs of those dealing with pregnancy and infertility. Her extensive communication and listening skills have enabled Stacie to support surrogates and Intended Parents through the journey of creating the families they so deeply desire. Stacie brings her commitment, professionalism and compassion, assisting with selecting and screening highly eligible women who fit the stringent criteria to become an Abundant Beginnings surrogate.

Emily Rotter


Case Manager

Emily holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology with an emphasis on Human Development and Family Life.  With over a decade of experience as a case manager specializing in foster care and child advocacy, Emily offers immense compassion with a keen knowledge of logistics across the entire surrogacy process.  Helping intended parents achieve their goal of growing their family fuels her passion and commitment to Abundant Beginnings.  Emily resides in Los Angeles with her husband, 3 children, and labradoodle.

Julie Stromwall

Surrogate Intake, Social Media Coordinator

Julie Stromwall is a mother of two preschool-aged children who have brought her an enormous amount of joy. She is an experienced gestational surrogate who is passionate about helping those in need. Along with her personal experience in the surrogacy world, she has had eighteen years of highly-esteemed customer service experience and is sensitive to the needs of others around her.

Julie enthusiastically tells her story to potential surrogates and loves to be a resource for any questions or concerns about the process. She connects with women on a daily basis by opening up and offering to share the wonderful experience she had as a surrogate. Social media is a passion, where she continues to meet wonderful people and offer insights on surrogacy.