Abundant Beginnings Co. (ABC Surrogacy) – 10 Year Reflection

By Nicole

As we celebrate the end of 2023, and our 10th anniversary for Abundant Beginnings Co. (ABC), I have been reflecting: how has it been 10 years already? 

I remember thinking how badly I wanted my own agency one day. Was it really possible? Would people trust us with the one thing they wanted so much? 10 years ago, as I would sit rocking my youngest to sleep, I would think over and over again, how can I make surrogacy easier for others? How can I make something so complicated less challenging by taking what I learned in my journey and improving upon the process?

Like the families we work with, I needed help having my babies, and I am so grateful for surrogacy that I knew I had to help others through this crazy ride of surrogacy. This was calling my heart, and my mind was busy developing a plan.

So many things go into running a business, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. The drive to make a difference keeps us going. Having a fantastic business partner makes this dream a reality.

Starting ABC was not just about helping Intended Parents; I really wanted to help surrogates find their perfect match. I wanted to assist these amazing women through their journeys by supporting, guiding, and helping them to find their voices. 

I remember the first match ABC made back in 2013; it was so rewarding. I had already been in the business for a few years, but the feeling is amazing when it is under our own agency name. And it hasn’t stopped. Welcoming over 150 babies since 2013 feels very special. We have had our ups and downs, shedding tears with Intended Parents and surrogates when things don’t go as we had hoped, and jumping for joy with them when a new life joins their family. The support we offer is what we feel is top notch. Making a difference in the lives of surrogates and intended parents remains at the core of our values. We never want anyone to feel alone in the process. Infertility is lonely enough. 

Celebrating 10 years with an amazing partner and team feels like winning the lottery!  Our goal over the next 10 years will be to continue to mindfully offer our amazing services, and help more families throughout the world. Surrogacy is a lesson in trust, love, giving, patience and compromise. In the end, the blessing of a baby is what we’re about. It’s why we do what we do. 

By Julie

I’d like to start off by thanking every single person who has touched and guided us along the way to reach this incredible milestone of 10 years as Abundant Beginnings, 150 babies and counting!  My life has been so enriched being a parent myself, and assisting others, regardless of their circumstances, is truly a blessing.  I’m so glad we said YES!

Starting something new, whether it is a business or a new type of relationship, takes courage, and sharing our learned experience and wisdom is a joy. Nicole and I have very similar views on life; even though we grew up differently and at different times (I am a child of the 60s!!), we have learned to work through things together, push through obstacles that might be blocking us, in order to serve our clients and surrogates.

For us, that’s what this is all about. Supporting surrogates in having a rich and fulfilling experience helping a family achieve their dreams, and carefully walking intended parents through the winding, confusing, and sometimes challenging, path of surrogacy. We don’t operate like many other agencies. We won’t take a dime until there is a surrogate ready to commit and match. Why? Because that would not be in integrity for us. Above all else, everything we do must be in service to Surrogates and Intended Parents. Our role is to serve both, and to help ensure that balance. 

I am often surprised when I reflect on all of our experiences and clients that we have met along the way.  We have worked with domestic couples, people from China with limited English, gay couples from around the World, celebrities (although we think of all of our clients as VIP!!), single moms/dads by choice, and couples of various ages looking to surrogacy as an option in family planning for whatever reason.  We approach all of this with open hearts, listening deeply to all who come forward to share with us. 

Our team — I can’t say enough about the women who work on our staff.  Nicole and I often reflect on how blessed we are with such an amazing, dedicated group of professionals who feel the same way about family formation as we do! The additional professional partnerships we have cultivated within the surrogacy field are top notch, and we value what each of them bring to our clients.

Julie and Nicole – Future!

We are forever grateful that surrogacy is a viable option for couples and individuals who are unable to conceive and carry a pregnancy naturally. As a surrogacy agency, our primary goal is to provide support and guidance to those seeking to build their families through this process, as well as to educate and appreciate the women who so generously agree to act as surrogates for others. We understand their generous act, and know we cannot do this work without them.  

As the surrogacy and fertility practices continue to shift and grow, we also recognize the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in order to meet the evolving needs of our clients.  More to come on this as we step into 2024 — here is to an Abundant 10 more!