Hey everyone!! We have something to share with ya’ll!! I have been dealing with infertility issues for a long time now that has affected my hopes and Chris’ hopes of becoming parents. Through these past several years there have been a lot of losses and setbacks and some very heartbreaking realizations and discoveries.  

At the end of January 2023 after yet another failed transfer, it was discovered and believed that unfortunately the years of going undiagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis did its damage and rendered me unable to carry. In order for us to have a shot at being parents to biological children, (we have 2 embryos that are viable from all the retrievals) i would need to give up my desire to carry and rely on a surrogate.

We started that process in Feb 2023 and found our unicorn.  We found Abundant Beginnings, and very quickly they helped us find our surrogate. We appreciate that they have been walking us through the process. Chris and I are thrilled to report that Baby Smith will be joining us in June 2024!! We get our rainbow baby after our storms!!

Our amazing surrogate, Caitlin is our magical unicorn and we honestly hit the lottery with her and her amazing family. Our baby bean is so lucky to have an amazing bonus family. We could not have gotten to this point if it wasn’t for the amazing dedication and care that Dr. Marli Amin and RPMG Westminster, gave to us. They shared in our loses and they celebrated and shed tears of joy at this success.

Another thank you goes to Abundant Beginnings for bringing Caitlin to us. It is because of all of you and my strong desire and fight to be a mom and the support of my amazing husband, Chris, that we have this chance at being parents.

My advice to those of you still looking for solutions to your path to parenthood:  

  • advocate for yourself even when it feels like you are the only one.
  • find support in others who truly get what this journey is like and understand the complexity in every single aspect. 
  • find a doctor and group that is going to work for what your needs are. 
  • have as much grace and patience with yourself and your partner as possible.  
  • take the wins when you can and find time to process the losses and wins. 
  • understand that even when things are going great, you can still feel drained as it’s hard to navigate time to process everything is a challenge. 
  • find time to just spoil yourself. 

I wanted to take a minute and say this: infertility is a club that NO ONE wants to belong too!! That being said, it is within this club that you find your battle buddies to help along the way. Once you belong to this club, you quickly learn, that there isn’t a rainbow after every storm, and there are those who never get to bring a baby home. I want those in this community to know that I do not take for granted one second of this and I hold space for all of you.