Sarah P. just completed her 2nd surrogacy journey and is already talking about Journey #3! Please take a few minutes to read Sarah’s birth story. This delivery was different because of some Covid concerns — and we are grateful that everyone was flexible and professional in their approach, Sarah had an easy delivery, and a healthy baby is thriving with his dads!

My due date was the 28th of November but my IPs and I knew I would be getting induced the 21st.  Here is the story and how it unfolded…

On Friday the 12th, my husband had gone out to a small (5 people) company lunch to discuss business where he works. Come Tuesday (16th), he was very tired throughout the whole day at work and just exhausted by the time he got home. Wednesday comes & he did not go into work. He was diagnosed with Covid, and our whole birth plan was thrown upside down. To make sure I wasn’t exposed, the best solution was to send my husband home with the kids (one of them was Covid positive) & send me to a hotel until after the baby was born.

My OB still wanted to go with my induction for Sunday as scheduled since I was healthy. Becuase my husband couldn’t be my support person, my mom came down to be there with me. I stayed in the hotel until Sunday morning when it was time to go to the hospital. They tested me again for Covid at the hospital before they started my induction process & my results still came back negative. I started my induction at 7:30am and delivered at 6:55pm. My labor & birth all went amazing and the little guy is doing great! I was discharged the next day & was able to be reunited with my family.

It was sure weird not having my hubby with me, but he was still able to FaceTime during the whole birth! Very thankful my mom was able to be there for me! Both of my IPs were able to be there in the room as well, right next to me-cheering me on! They got tons of photos and videos of the whole thing so I was so thankful they were able to be there! My IPs have been so supportive during this journey! I’ve been blessed with 2 amazing journeys, and I owe it all to the parents for always being there for me and for the kind words, love & support throughout every step!

After being home for a few days from the hospital, my milk came in. Since my IPs were staying in the same town as me for a month, I was able to give them the first week’s worth of breast milk. I would just pump for a few days and they would come pick up whatever I had been able to pump. I’m not pumping anymore, but I’m so thankful I was able to give them what I did!

Saying goodbye to your IPs and their little one can definitely be hard. You create this wonderful friendship & understanding with them and it can be hard to see them go. Because of this friendship, though, you’re able to say good bye, knowing that it’s not a “forever” goodbye. You know that you’ve been able to do something amazing for another family and you get to hold onto that feeling for the rest of your life.

Seeing your IPs become parents sure makes all the shots, stretch marks, sore bottom, and swollen breasts ALL worth it! I believe I have ONE MORE journey left in me so crossing my fingers!