Seeing the Miracle of Surrogacy

By: Julie Allgood

Abundant Beginnings was created over 7 and a half years ago. It was created so my business partner, Nicole, and I could continue the amazing work of supporting people in becoming parents through surrogacy. We have learned so much about running a business, and at the same time, we are staying in touch with the reason we started in the first place — to help create families. We know that there are many different types of families and alternative roads to parenthood, and we are grateful for the many courageous and generous women who step forward to be of service in this manner.

This week, we received a photo of our most recent surrogate delivery. She was delivered vaginally, after an easy pregnancy, and she is dainty and absolutely perfect. Her two dads (from Europe) are “over the moon” in love with her! The surrogate lives in Nevada, and the Intended Parents were able to be with her the last few weeks prior to the birth to get to know her and her family. The surrogate expressed how grateful she was to spend in-person time with them, and to see the bigger picture of what she has been a part of throughout the pregnancy. This couple sent us a note of gratitude.

“You and your team have been with us on this very special journey from the very beginning and we really can’t thank you all enough! It’s impossible to find the right words that express the mountain of gratitude we have!! It has been a very surreal and strange thing being the other side of the world through it all – but we’ve been in ABC’s safe and truly wonderful hands throughout.”

– Intended Parents

The baby’s birth is a miracle. I don’t claim responsibility for that in any way, but I am so honored to be a small part in making someone’s dream come true. The parents have a new baby. The baby gets a beautiful family who loved and adored her from the moment they committed to the surrogacy process. And the surrogate and her family’s lives have been enriched by the experience of helping others in such a selfless and intimate way. And, they have received a financial incentive to help them with their own dreams. This little baby may grow up and change the world in some way — she is already lighting up the lives of so many!

How do I feel when I see the photos of the babies our agency has helped to bring into this world? I feel humbled. I feel grateful. And, inside, I feel a deep satisfaction. Becoming a parent, for me, was my greatest dream. And I consider my children and family my greatest achievement. To be able to share that with others is what keeps me going. Every day. Surrogacy can be full of disappointments. Emotions run high. Expectations sometimes are not always met. But those sweet little baby photos and gratitude from all involved keeps me going, and… keeps me firmly committed to helping as many families as possible while I’m at it!