Surrogate Spotlight – Nicole

Meet Nicole! Nicole lives in Arizona with her husband and children. We’d love for you to get to know her.

How would you describe yourself?

“Caring. I’m always trying to do things to make others happy or just so I know that I’ve helped them. High energy, I always like to be on the move whether it’s cleaning, taking the kids hiking or to do an activity, doing something new around the house. I like to keep busy.”

Why do you want to become a surrogate?

“For about a year, I watched my best friend go through the whole surrogacy process and I loved it. I loved meeting her IPs in the delivery room and just to see how absolutely excited they were to have their world changed! I’m excited to help in this way, too! I can hardly wait.!”

What would you like to say to potential Intended Parents?

“I want you to experience parenthood. I have 4 children that I absolutely adore and would give them the world if I could. I can’t imagine my life without them. I want you to experience the same. I want you to hear those first baby cries, and fall in love with those itty bitty baby hands and feet. I want you to hear those baby giggles that bring tears to your eyes from pure joy. I want you to hear them say, ‘I love you mama,’ ‘I love you dadda.” I treasure my children daily and everyone deserves that same feeling. I can’t wait to meet you and get started!

My Family and I are enjoying this quarantine together. We normally have such busy lives with the kids all involved with something that its been so nice to slow down and truly enjoy all this time together. 

My husband Allen is very supportive of anything I set my mind to ( He’s seriously my biggest cheerleader) but this decision was an easy one for him. He knows I love the whole experience of pregnancy and motherhood. He knows I’m very passionate about giving the gift of life and he is fully on board for it. 

I have shared my desire to be a surrogate with all of my family and a few friends, they think its a wonderful idea and will be here to fully support in anything I may need help with. My parents know some travel will be involved and are already on board to take care of the tribe while I’m away. 

Our children have already been fortunate enough to have a very close friend of ours do a surrogacy journey so we’ve already explained to them how truly blessed some women’s bellies are to grow a baby of not only their own to keep but some for other families so they can have that love in their homes as well.