Surrogate Spotlight – Tarah

Tarah lives in Chandler, AZ with her husband and three children.

Describe your personality:

“I would say I am a compassionate, caring, and loving person. I’ve been told I’m selfless and compassionate because of my stances or actions with family or friends.”

Why do you want to become a surrogate?

“I would like to become a surrogate because over the years I have heard of so many stories of folks not being able to carry their own children. In my experience, I got pregnant easily and overall I really enjoyed being pregnant. I think the opportunity to grow life inside of you is a very empowering and humbling life experience. When I think of intended parents struggling with infertility, I feel it is a way I can help and do something that is both rewarding for me but also a huge benefit for them by carrying their child. I have been considering surrogacy for several years and after more research this past year and seeing the need increase, I felt like the time was right for me.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to potential Intended Parents?

“I would like to let them know that I really enjoy pregnancy and would find this experience to be beyond a call of duty. I feel surrogacy would be so rewarding to know I’ve been able to help someone along their journey in such a big way. I have three healthy children that I love spending time with and would like to continue showing them acts of kindness by my own actions so they too can have a big heart.”