Surrogate Spotlight – Yvette

Hello, my name is Yvette!

I am 2x experienced gestational surrogate living in Sacramento, California but was born in Los Angeles. We moved to Sacramento when I was two years old.   I have five sisters and one brother. I met my husband Michael in high school. We have been together for 14 years and we have three beautiful boys together. With three boys, we are a sports family!

After our first son was born, I decided I wanted to work in the healthcare industry because I wanted to have more health awareness in regards to caring for my family. I went to medical assisting school where I graduated with a certificate as a medical assistant in 2004. My career then began working in urgent care as a medical assistant and referral coordinator, while also working in labor and delivery as a unit assistant. Later, I became a surgery scheduler while also working part time for as an ER clerk.

How did you learn about surrogacy? 

I first learned of surrogacy through a friend who was a surrogate for a same-sex couple. She loved the experience and thought it was truly a blessing to have been chosen as a surrogate for another family. It’s an experience like none other. So after learning from her positive experience, I looked into it for myself.

How were your journeys? 

Great! I always viewed surrogacy as a long babysitting opportunity! It’s not sad for me at all. I have no regrets whatsoever. It’s one way our family can give back to our world in a really big way. Showing our children how to be generous and how to sacrifice for others.

How did you find out about Abundant Beginnings Co.?

I found Abundant Beginnings Co. through co-owner Nicole, whom I met in the surrogacy world. I worked with another agency before Abundant Beginnings Co. This company is truly amazing to work with! The team listens to any questions and concerns I may have while also making me feel like family. The team here is so easy to talk to and are awesome at communicating in a timely manner. They make the journey easy!

I hope to find intended parents that are excited to bring another life into this world.  Becoming a parent is a once in a lifetime experience and a wonderful feeling! I hope to be matched with IPs who are very supportive, understanding and approachable, as well as encouraging and loving all at the same time!