Surrogate Spotlight – Terra

Hello! My name is Terra, and I am excited to be a first time gestational surrogate with Abundant Beginnings Co.

I was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin and currently live nearby in a small town called Colby.  I love my safe and nurturing community, and feel good about raising my 5 year old son Brody here.  My partner’s name is Logan, and along with Brody we have created a very close family.   As a family we are always doing something that brings us closer and always communicating. We go on many walks and bike rides, along with going on adventures to different parks in the area.  As parents, we are constantly finding new ways to keep Brody active and wanting to learn more about everything around him.

Currently, I work as phlebotomist at a local hospital, where I learned about Abundant Beginnings Co. from my co-worker who is a surrogate with them.  The baby is due in January, so it has been great to watch her journey from the beginning.  My life is in such a good place with Brody and Logan that surrogacy has been one of the best choices that we have made as a family. Every one of us is excited for what the journey of surrogacy will mean for another person/family, and to be a part of that is so special!

I look forward to being matched to give the gift of life to a family who has been waiting to become parents. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  I understand that it must be difficult to trust someone to carry your child for you, and I am here to help you feel comfortable while fulfilling your dreams of parenthood. Let’s get started, as I am ready and can’t wait to meet you!!