Surrogate Spotlight – Taylor

Hello, I am Kaylee!

I’m 29 years old, and I’m a second-time surrogate! Being a surrogate is one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It was a whirlwind to say the least! With new friendships, anxiety, immense joy, saying hello, saying goodbye, the rush of emotions when the baby is FINALLY born, and of course a big chunk of my life devoted to injections in my rear end while trying to rub out the bruises and saying to myself “I’m doing this for this precious little life!”

To me, there is no greater gift or joy on this earth than a fresh new baby. They are beautiful, unique, precious and they smell like what I can only imagine heaven smells like. Becoming pregnant and having healthy pregnancies is a gift that has been given to all the women on my mother’s side of the family that goes back so many generation. I would have to visit ancestory.com it to know for sure. Our bodies were made for growing tiny humans and I did not want the extraordinary gift I was given to go to waste. As a mother, I remember the moment my first daughter was born. The feelings I had were so unimaginable – and I had a desire to help another family be able to experience that same feeling.

When I first looked into surrogacy, it was because I initially wanted to help a family friend who was struggling with fertility and after another devastating miscarriage, I offered to carry her baby. Due to several different factors, it ended up not working out with this wonderful woman, but the seed of surrogacy had been planted in my mind, and I started my amazing journey from that moment on. After months of meetings, doctor’s appointments, a few setbacks, and the emotional rollercoaster called the “two week wait” I finally got a positive beta test and cried on the phone with my Intended Mom when she told me the news that I was indeed going to help this beautiful family grow by 1.

When the surrogate baby was born (we called him Hercules because he was so strong he kicked several ribs out of place), he was a healthy 8 pounds 6 ounces and my life was never the same. The joy I saw on the faces of my Intended Parents was something I could never have imagined and something I will never forget. That moment was the best part of the entire process and the reason I want to be a surrogate again. I love being pregnant, I enjoy getting to know new people and I truly adore bringing a new life into the world, but time stopped when the baby was moments into the world and I watched my Intended Parent’s faces completely light up with overwhelming joy when seeing their baby for the first time. I never once thought of the pregnancy as “mine”. It was always theirs and I was just giving them back what was theirs.

I will always have a unique but subtle connection with this family I barely know, but my blood runs through that 4-and-a-half-year-old little boy’s veins and his through mine, and I am thankful every day for him. I have since had another daughter and am now married with a step son and 2 little girls so my hands are already full, but my heart still has a lot of room to continue sharing my gift and helping people become parents – something they have wanted for so long – and the feeling is indescribable.