Surrogacy FAQ’s

We asked our surrogates “what are the most common questions you are asked?”  Here is a list of the top 5 and their responses to these questions!

1. How can you just give a baby away?

Well, for starters, the baby is not mine to begin with.  There is no genetic tie between myself and the surrobaby so to me, that would be kidnapping!  I have no desire for any more children of my own, I just want so badly to see a couple have their dream come true!

2. Won’t you feel too connected to the baby?

Not “too” connected to know that the baby isn’t mine!  I had a very healthy separation and as weird as it sounds, I always looked at the Intended Parents and thought that they were the ones who were pregnant.  My connection to the baby was similar to a nephew, or a child I was a nanny for.

3. How much money do you make?

How much money do YOU make?  Awkward, right?  This is not an appropriate question.  Most of the time I would respond, “not enough to quit my job, but enough that my family is blessed with some wonderful things we couldn’t have afforded without the financial gift from surrogacy.”

4. Do you know the couple?

I know the couple NOW, but prior to becoming a surrogate, I did not know them. Abundant Beginnings did an excellent job at finding a couple that was excellent for me!

5. Will you do it again?

Yes! As long as I’m healthy, and a doctor approves me for surrogacy, yes!