Jenn’s Surrogacy Experience

Jenn’s Surrogacy Experience

I recently helped another family become parents through surrogacy, and below is a little bit about my journey.  The journey was so amazing and beyond my dreams, so it is difficult to put in words.  I hope you are inspired to help others after reading this, as giving the gift of life has been one of my greatest and most rewarding joys.

Surrogacy was something I heard about when I was quite young and only in high school. I knew then that I wanted to be able to help a couple become parents this way, once my life was settle and I had a family of my own.

My surrogacy process wasn’t one that moved quickly, it was just how it was intended to be. I knew the right couple would come along and we would just click. That is exactly what happened with our first Skype call to meet each other. My husband and I just knew that we wanted to help this deserving couple become a parents.

This whole experience brought my husband and I even closer as a couple. I had so many people who were supportive of this journey. My daughter is a strong surrogate supporter at the young age of 5. While shopping one day she was asked if she was excited to be a big sister again; she didn’t miss a beat and said that it’s not our baby we are just taking care of him until he comes out!  I am so glad my children got to be a part of this process and to be a part of learning to give at such an early age.

The couple I was carrying a baby for lived in California, so we had a long distance surrogacy experience.  They visited a few times during the pregnancy, and we kept in touch regularly via social medial, text and phone calls.   They traveled to the Midwest where I live for the birth, and because their little guy had his own ideas about when he wanted to make his appearance, they  ended up having time to experience him being busy in my belly and they communicated with him that way. It was so amazing to see their faces when they could feel him moving. The best part of this journey was getting to know these amazing people (who we now love) become parents.

I had cleared it with the doctor before going to the hospital for my Intended Mother to assist in helping deliver her son. She had no idea that I had requested this, and I am glad that everything went well for that to happen. He ended up being a large baby, and the end of this pregnancy was so very different from the births of my own bio kids. After laboring all day with pitocin, the doctor finally came in and broke my water. I went from being dilated at 4cm to complete within an hour and a half later.

This surrogacy experience and his birth has forever changed so many lives. The miracle of child birth lives on in so many areas.  My family, the Intended Parents, the doctor and nurses that were all on this journey with us, as well as my friends and community were made greater by this experience.

I’m often asked if I would like to do this again. Yes!  I would do it again in a heartbeat if and when the timing is right for my family. Abundant Beginnings is the only agency I will ever recommend. Every person there who supported me was professional, personable and kind. I always felt like I had the winning team on my side! I am so fortunate to have found them and am grateful for this opportunity!