Glucose Tolerance Test

Julie S’ Surrogacy Journey Vol. 11

For those of you who don’t know what the glucose tolerance test (GTT) is, allow me to enlighten you.  The GTT test is usually done after 26 weeks and the purpose is to rule out gestational diabetes.  Pregnant women get the joy of drinking a [insert sarcastic tone] delicious fruity flavored water drink that is basically just pure glucose.  We are given a very short window to drink the magical drink (3 minutes for me this time) and then exactly 1 hour after the drink is finished, they will draw my blood to determine if my body can handle that much glucose. 

During pregnancy, the placenta creates so many hormones which hinder the effectiveness of your body’s own insulin.  As a result, you can have too much glucose running through your system which gets passed to the baby.  If this happens, the baby’s pancreas will create extra insulin and that can cause the baby to grow too large. Sometimes babies are born with low blood sugar which can cause seizures.  It is all very serious and each woman should be tested promptly and treated if she is diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

I had my glucose test at 27 weeks.  I was given a lab slip by my OB a few weeks prior and I was told there was no need to fast for this test.  I had a banana and granola for breakfast and headed down to the lab. It’s important to realize that when you have the GTT, you will not be able to leave until your time is up.  This test was the 1 hour GTT, so I knew I would be there for 1 hour after finishing my delicious (ugh) drink!  This test called for 50g of glucose and it was expected that my blood sugar be 140 or less. 

You guys. I got a 141.  I FAILED. By 1 number!  What this means is that my body could not bring that glucose down quick enough to pass the 1 hour test.  Failing this 1 hour test is very common, so I knew that I would need to go take the 3 hour test.  That’s 100g of glucose and sitting at the lab for 3 hours. This next test also required that I fast, so I could not eat anything for 8 hours prior.  No water or gum or anything even after drinking the glucose.

I passed! That means no gestational diabetes, such a relief.  Many women who do have gestational diabetes are able to keep it under control by changing their diet.  There are also many more doctor’s appointments that are necessary to check on the development of the baby.  Gestational Diabetes is not something to be taken lightly, so I am very happy to report I do not have it! 

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