We are excited to share Annie’s journey as a surrogate for an international, intended family. Annie made it possible for them to have a child and grow their family. She also helped her own family financially with this amazing experience.

Read all about the surrogate experience, in Annie’s own words. 

What got you interested in surrogacy? 

Being a surrogate is something that I always wanted to do. I had four healthy pregnancies, and I knew that I would be able to help a family. I had looked online and done a lot of research however, I had found it overwhelming and not really knowing where to go. After seeing a dance mom pregnant and then not pregnant. She informed me that she was a surrogate. She connected me with Abundant Beginnings Co. Surrogacy and the rest is history.


How did you choose the couple you worked with?

The intended parents that I had chosen had something in common with me. They had a daughter that wanted a sister.  I had a daughter that once wanted a sister, as well. My daughter finally got a sister and they had the best relationship ever. That was so important to me. When the couple told me they had a little girl and wanted to give her a sister, that’s how I knew I wanted to be their surrogate and help their dream come true.

What were you looking for in the experience, (and how did this journey meet your expectations and maybe even go beyond your expectations?)

During this journey, having a good relationship with the intended parents was super important to me. Having open communication and staying in touch. I wanted the baby to hear her parents’ voices as often as possible. Considering that they were international not only was I thinking of myself and the baby, but also the parents as well. Overall, this journey was near perfect.

I believe your IPs were international… how did you communicate with them? Did you feel supported by them? 

My IPs were from Bahrain. We communicated often through WhatsApp. We would zoom weekly. Even though we all worked, we always made time to connect and check in on one another. My IPs are very supportive, actually above and beyond. Even after the baby was born they spent a little bit of time with me. We had dinner a couple of times, and I can definitely say that they were mindful and ensured that I was OK.

The intended parents were very supportive through the entire process which you don’t know how important it is until you’re on this journey. The Intended Parents always ensured that I was OK emotionally and physically. 

How did you feel when the baby was born? Tell us about seeing the IPs reaction.

I had a planned C-section, and the Intended parent and my older daughter were in the room. Once baby was born seeing the intended parents’ faces, watching as the baby’s vitals were being done, and watching her cut the cord was an amazing overwhelmingly good feeling. Once I got into my room, the Intended parents came over and we all spent some time together seeing them both come through the door with their baby I knew I had chosen the right couple to be a surrogate for. It was such a sense of serenity, calm, and just peaceful. It really was a wonderful feeling.

What did your children think of you being a surrogate?

My kids are 19,16,14, and 6. They thought it was the best thing ever. I’m really glad that I was open and honest in the beginning, and I mean prior to the injection having a conversation about what I was planning on doing. I really felt that my kids were super supportive and excited because it’s something that we openly discussed. My youngest would always tell the baby. Don’t worry you’ll be with your mommy soon, she was able to hold her after she was born — all my kids did. They thought what I did was giving, selfless, and what an amazing gift to give another family. My little one said she feels happy.


How did Abundant Beginnings support you?

ABC was very easy to talk to. They worked out all the logistics and ensured I was okay. The support was amazing, and they felt like family. I love that I can call or text them like a best friend. I admire ABC for being proactive and making surrogacy as stress-free as possible.

Anything else you want to share?!

Overall being a surrogate, was an amazing experience. It exceeded my expectation. I had a really great team, and a wonderful relationship with the intended parents and with Abundant Beginnings. I’m really appreciative of everybody’s support and the love they have provided.