Abundant Beginnings surrogate, Vanessa was scheduled for a transfer on March 9, 2020.  This was our last transfer before the first U.S. shutdown due the Covid-19 Pandemic. We were learning as much as we could and as quickly as we could about this new virus, but very little medical information was available.

Vanessa prepared for the transfer, following the protocol established by the Reproductive Endocrinologist.  The two hopeful dads who were her Intended Parents had been waiting a long time for this very moment.  The transfer was successful and within two weeks, it was confirmed that   Vanessa was pregnant.   Everyone was cautiously excited!  We love when a transfer is successful and everyone breaths a collective sigh of relief on this first milestone!

This time around, due to the growing numbers of Covid cases, we felt we were navigating in new and unknown territory.  As an agency, we always want to ensure our surrogates are protected, safe and able to get the timely, appropriate medical care for themselves and the baby/pregnancy.  The medical professionals put new protocols in place as quickly as possible and Vanessa’s care continued uninterrupted.  Vanessa was so amazing and handled the extra stress of a pandemic during surrogacy/pregnancy with incredible grace.


Here is her story:

My first journey as a surrogate with Abundant Beginnings surrogacy was the best experience I could have ever imagined. I felt so perfectly matched with the intended parents like it was meant to be! My journey actually began at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. There were some worries being pregnant during the pandemic, and I took every precaution to being safe during the whole situation.

Throughout the pregnancy, I watched what I ate and maintained a healthy weight. For the most part, I usually got things I needed delivered.  When I did need to do some shopping and get out of the house, I always made sure to wear a mask and sanitize. Unfortunately, halfway through the pregnancy I tested positive with the Covid-19 virus. I had no clue where I contracted it and was so anxious to hear this news.  I just thought I did everything right, how did this happen?

My 4 kids and my husband thankfully did not contract the virus. Luckily my symptoms seemed to only be some congestion and the loss of taste and smell that lasted about a month. They did not give me any special medication, but told me to rest and not be around my family for 14 days. That was the hardest part. The baby’s movements were quite strong which was always reassuring and everything was going well with the baby’s development.

The baby’s growth was checked around 32 weeks due to me contracting the virus and all was well via ultrasound. Thankfully everything turned out perfectly with the pregnancy and a perfectly healthy 8lb baby girl was born full term with no complications to the intended parents on Thanksgiving 2020.

The support I had with Abundant Beginnings Co. and the parents is something I am so thankful for. My experience is one I will never forget.


IP Perspective:

Our journey with surrogacy could not have been more perfect, certainly not free of road bumps but having the full support of the Abundant Beginnings surrogacy team made this experience everything we had hoped for, even during a global pandemic. Our journey came in phases after we needed to pause to take care of a sick parent and when we picked up again we never could have expected to become the last couple to do an embryo transfer before the Covid shut down, but alas we were. We had no idea what it all meant, we just knew we couldn’t wait to be dads.

 Throughout our entire pregnancy we were in lockdown. Unable to be physically present for appointments and the like, our amazing surrogate took exceptional care and time to keep us informed of everything that was happening with her, the baby, and FaceTimed us for every ultrasound and doctor’s appointment. It was the perfect distraction to the fears we were all having due to Covid and state of the world around us.

 Abundant Beginnings did an incredible job matching us with our surrogate. Both in disposition and personality, we cannot imagine having had a better match and experience. Around month 6 our surrogate got Covid and while we were all nervous and concerned, ABC helped guide us every step of the way.  Thankfully our surrogate did not get serious symptoms beyond loss of taste and smell, and sadly having to quarantine from her own family. On the other side of the Covid scare, it was smooth sailing and a supremely fast birth where we welcomed a beautiful 8lb baby girl. We could not be more grateful to ABC, our amazing surrogate, and her family for making our family a possibility.